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FSP is a nonpartisan, nonprofit member based advocacy group that relies solely on donations to operate. Please partner with us we work on your behalf to preserve and protect our natural resources and open spaces for future generations to enjoy. Help save Florida for future Floridians with your donation.

Floridians for a Sustainable Population was organized in September of 1994 by demographers, economists, educators and environmentalists concerned about Florida's exploding population growth and its impact on our forests, our estuaries, our water supply, our landfills and our social structure. We are a statewide, non-profit environmental organization.

Our purpose is to make all Floridians aware of the disadvantages of unrestricted population growth and the advantages associated with a stable population. We propose population stabilization and sustainable lifestyle practices to assure a reasonable quality of life for this and future generations and to pursue policy changes that will accomplish these objectives.


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