About Floridians for a Sustainable Population


Floridians for a Sustainable Population is pro immigrant, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Florida’s diverse environment for future generations. Our main goal is to educate the public on the negative effects overpopulation has on the environment and the quality of life of all Floridians.

FSP is a member based advocacy group supporting ending illegal immigration and lowering annual legal immigration numbers. We believe the current five year average of 1.135 million annually should be reduced to under 500,000 annually. Reducing annual immigration numbers will stabilize our population at sustainable levels for future generations.

FSP opposes any form of immigrant bashing. Immigrants come here to seek a better life for themselves and their families. If we are angry about immigration we should direct our anger into constructive activism focused on enforcement of our immigration laws and reducing legal immigration to more traditional numbers.

FSP believes the most important issue facing Florida and the United States is overpopulation caused by immigration.