Water Manual


A Water Resource Protection Manual for Florida Activists

The water crisis in Florida affects rural and uban areas as well as the coasts and inland areas. Despite serious, well substantiated damage to both property and resources, elected officials, and those in the water management districts charged with responsibility under Florida statutes to protect our surface and ground water, are not protecting our most precious natural resource---water.

Without knowledge and the proper tools, it is difficult for citizens to right the wrongs of bad permitting decisions that degrade our lakes, streams and aquifers. While addressing one particular failing by the South Florida Water Management District, FSP acquired information and developed a process that will allow citizens to tackle some of their local water issues.

Litigation is a difficult, expensive and time-consuming process. A more available remedy for addressing bad water decisions is through an administrative complaint process under Section 403.412 (1)(c) of the Florida Statutes. FSP created "A Water Resource Protection Manual for Florida Activists" in December 1998 which gives a blueprint on how to use this option. The manual is jam-packed with information styled for the citizen activist and includes a powerful index of must-know information.

Click here for a pdf file of the complete Water Resource Protection Manual for Florida Activists.

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