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Sadly we mourn the passing of Joyce Tarnow, FSP President
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FSP To Continue Operations

A newly reconstituted Board of Directors has elected Jack Oliver to serve as President of FSP through 1 April 2015. In memory of beloved founder Joyce Tarnow, FSP will initiate a new outreach campaign aimed toward the younger generation. It will feature special emphasis on population education and information dissemination.

How did it come to this?

7 BILLION: Population of the Planet
316 MILLION: Population of the U.S.
19 MILLION: Population of Florida

Americans React to Urgent Scientific Warning

Cartoon used with permission from David Horsey

Click here to download the June 2012 Statement on Population and Consumption, by IAP, the Global Network of Science Academies. Also see the Population Forum -- Dr. Al Bartlett's "Meaning of Sustainability".


July 2013

316 million ; U.S. population (as of July, 2013)
203 million : U.S. population in 1970
300 million : U.S. population in 2006
400 million : Census projection for 2051
420.3 million : Census projection for 2060
550 million : Census projection for 2100
50% : % of sprawl due to population growth
2.5 million : Annual U.S. population growth
650,000 : New illegal aliens each year
1 million : New legal immigrants each year
1 million : Births to foreign-born each year
86% : % of pop. growth due to immigration

By: NumbersUSA.com

Sources: Census Bureau, INS, USDA, CPS

For an excellent primer on a number of immigration issues go to www.numbersusa.com/content/issues.html and www.changethenumbers.org



The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) 2010 study of 2008 costs to Florida taxpayers for illegal aliens in Florida were $5.2 billion net. The annual state and local fiscal costs borne by Florida taxpayers resulted from 950,000 illegal aliens and 186,000 of their U.S. born children. This rapidly rising annual price tag covers the costs of K-12 education and medical care for illegal immigrants and their children, and incarceration of illegal aliens who have commited other crimes in Florida. Another aspect is that while 12 percent of Floridians are officially unemployed, illegal aliens fill more than 8 percent of jobs in the state.

Read the facts.


NumbersUSA is the national leader in efforts to prevent citizenship and social welfare benefits being conferred on 11-19 million illegal aliens now residing in the U.S.

An enormous, coordinated effort led by a coalition of one-world globalists -- including George Soros' Open Society Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, S.E.I.U. union, and various members of the mainstream media -- is trying to persuade the public and Congress that almost all illegal aliens should be given amnesty, with citizenship, voting, and huge social welfare benefits.

More than $1.5 billion has been spent since 2007 on lobbying to press for amnesty and more foreign workers. (1) This money has employed more than 3,000 paid lobbyists working for so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform since 2008, according to a meta-analysis. (2) Hundreds of political employees are working to pass the amnesty.

The Senate has passed an amnesty bill, S. 744. President Obama is pressing for an even more radical bill. Even more troubling, he has flaunted existing immigration law by releasing thousands of illegal aliens from jails, issuing edicts granting amnesty to hundreds of thousands of younger illegal aliens and used sequestration to cut back funding to border security. (3)

If the Senate bill passes in the House, the financial costs will be ruinous, $6.3 trillion in lifetime costs,* and the political effects will be earth shattering. Specifically, many analysts doubt if Republicans or conservatives will be able to win the Senate, the House, or the Presidency in future elections, based on the much more liberal political views of current illegal immigrants. (4)

Our objective is to stop the amnesty effort cold. Later, once this "Comprehensive" effort is defeated, reasonable compromises can be proposed, but the other side is only interested in total victory at this time.


July 2013

*Heritage Foundation

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"The raging monster upon the land is population growth. In its presence, sustainability is but a fragile theoretical concept."

- Edward O. Wilson, in The Diversity of Life